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Tomoe Mami + Bebe

On this planet you call females who have yet to become adults, girls. It makes sense then that since you’ll eventually become witches, you should be called Magical Girls

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Jellyfish Rise, created by James Gardner using Modo and Photoshop.

how long do you think you'll stay with your current gf? You say she's the one but you're like 16/17 so how do you know what 'the one' even means? Is it something you can just feel or do you say it but not mean it? I'm just interested in why you are so sure of it

See, I’m honestly Aromantic.

The prospect of having a romantic relationship and committing to someone has literally no appeal to me.

Until I met Gabby.

I don’t know. 

But there is just something about her.

I can’t bring myself to ever let her go.

I know things happen. That we could separate but I don’t want to think that will happen.

For now, I just want to say she will be mine forever.

I know we are young. 

But it’s not like we are the first.

I don’t feel our relationship is as superficial as highschoolers that say ‘Omg i’m so in luv like omg’ after a month.

It took me 6-8 fucking months to get up the nerve to tell her I loved her.

And even then I was like ‘Oh my god she’s going to think I’m a wierdo like omg omg omg what if she is like ‘no go away’ and stuff.

Granted we do get into arguments, but we always come out of them well. 

I dunno

I’m blathering.



ollies out

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GiantEye - Lock Pick Earrings

Because sometimes you just need a pair of fancy earrings that double as lock picks
- Gray

What's your favorite thing you got at fusion?


Either my Charlotte the Witch Necklace [From Madoka Magica], my Nui Harime little bag, or my Sailor Jupiter Pin.

I did get some other things too. Like a Charlotte pin, a shit ton of stickers, some really cool pens, and a little Chibi Usa figurine.

I wanted to get artists prints but none of them really reached out to me ;;

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Is she??? Or does she suck at it? Why u evading the question =w=

I’m evading it because I don’t see how it pertains to anyone but us????????????

I mean you’ll never get to find out FIRST HAND. 

Cause LIke fucking hell I’d let that happen.

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Is gabby a good kisser?

Why do u wanna know
Not like you’ll ever get to find out

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What was your favorite part of fusion?:D

Besides seeing gabby?
Seeing some of my other friends

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Did you have fun with gabby? What did you guys do? O3o

Sleep cuddle and dance ouo

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Mutuals! I reminder that I will happily give you my:

  • snapchat
  • imessage
  • skype
  • phone number
  • facebook

just drop me a message

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Just got back from Anime Fusion
It wasn’t the most exciting con due to lack of cosplays on my part and panels that I actually wanted to attend.

It was just fun to spend time with my Guppy <3 

I also really want a fursuit.
I love furries at cons.
They are honestly some of the nicest and cutest people I’ve ever met.


When the gf is distracted by games ❤️

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